Application of neural networks in the banking sector

Perhaps today this segment is the most active field of activity for various kinds of neural networks. People recognition, predicting their behavior, developing bots for customer feedback, drawing up personal commercial offers and mass sales forecasts, creating modern means of combating economic crimes - every single bank actively uses at least one of these tools.

Application of neural networks in the banking sector

Variants of using neural networks in the banking segment

  • Customer service department

    Customer base management, the formation of personal commercial offers, processing of incoming requests, a bot for customer feedback.
  • Security Department

    Facial recognition system, anticipation of potentially dangerous public actions, prevention of fraudulent interventions in the bank's work.

Using neural networks in banking

The predicted result of the introduction of neural networks into the banking segment

  • Office automation
  • Marketing department automation
  • Effective preparation of personalized commercial offers
  • Increase in sales
  • Reducing offenses and defects at work
  • Prevention of criminal offences (online and offline)
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