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Areas of work

ComBox Technology – system integrator in the field of information technology and neural networks. The company offers a full range of services for the creation, training and implementation of neural networks in industrial operation in the B2B / B2G segments. ComBox Technology, under the leadership of Dmitriy Rytvinskiy, is a part of Business & Technologies Group.

Areas of work

Main areas of application of our solutions:

  • Neural networks

    We design, develop and train neural networks of various topologies. We help or carry out work on structuring and marking up datasets, as well as organize pilot projects to test the effectiveness of solutions before selling and large-scale implementations into industrial operation.
  • Server rent

    We provide equipment (GPU) for rent for training neural networks or performing complex calculations.
  • Expertise

    We will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your existing solutions and optimize them if necessary.
  • Designing

    We help design new solutions based on neural networks and other artificial intelligence systems at the application level.


Main solutions of ComBox Technology:

  • Video analytics systems

    Various industry solutions from license plate recognition to detection and accounting of passengers in transport
  • Server equipment

    Servers and expansion cards for neural network inference
  • Edge equipment

    Devices for neural network inference and their execution in close proximity to data sources (cameras), industrial PCs
  • Detectors and classifiers

    Pretrained industry detectors and classifiers of various types, for example, for PPE detection, accident detection or accounting of passenger traffic in transport
  • Container equipment

    High density GPU Containerized Solutions with Air and Immersion (Liquid) Cooling Systems
  • Electronic components

    Various boards and electronic components, such as a board with high density Myriad X chips (up to 64 pieces per PCIe board) for neural network inference or a PCIe expansion board
NEURAL NETWORKS Practically any fast-growing industry implements neural networks as a tool for automating and optimizing processes.
Аренда серверов
It is not always advisable or cost-effective to maintain a set of technical devices for solving complex computational tasks. To hardware expenses, you should add the cost of specialists servicing this equipment. Therefore, ready-made solutions for renting certain equipment are very popular on the market.
EXPERTISE You can invite our specialist to understand the basic issues of developing neural networks for your business.
ENGINEERING After setting a specific business task and completing project requirement, our team proceeds to the creation of a neural network: it receives and marks the initial data, encodes them and combines them into a single system.

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