ComBox Technology – system integrator in the field of information technology and neural networks. The company offers a full range of services for the creation, training and implementation of neural networks in industrial operation in the B2B / B2G segments. ComBox Technology, under the leadership of Dmitriy Rytvinskiy, is a part of Business & Technologies Group.


Main areas of application of our solutions:


Main solutions of ComBox Technology:

  • Video analytics systems

    Various industry solutions from license plate recognition to detection and accounting of passengers in transport
  • Server equipment

    Servers and expansion cards for neural network inference
  • Edge equipment

    Devices for neural network inference and their execution in close proximity to data sources (cameras), industrial PCs
  • Detectors and classifiers

    Pretrained industry detectors and classifiers of various types, for example, for PPE detection, accident detection or accounting of passenger traffic in transport
  • Container equipment

    High density GPU Containerized Solutions with Air and Immersion (Liquid) Cooling Systems
  • Electronic components

    Various boards and electronic components, such as a board with high density Myriad X chips (up to 64 pieces per PCIe board) for neural network inference or a PCIe expansion board
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