Application of neural networks in the transport industry

Consider the main scenarios for the use of artificial intelligence systems and neural networks for transport infrastructure:

  • Search for the desired car according to the specified parameters

  • Help in detecting stolen cars

  • Development of the ideal route for a specific vehicle

  • Managing car traffic

  • Forecasting cargo volumes

  • Predicting the traffic situation under various conditions

  • Fixing the speed limit of cars

  • Prevention of road accidents

  • Studying the reaction of drivers in various traffic situations and developing norms of behavior on the roads

  • Driverless control of personal, public, agricultural transport

Using neural networks in transport

The predicted result of the introduction of neural networks in the transport industry

  • Improving the traffic situation, reducing the number of accidents 
  • Effective vehicle search for any given parameters on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • Building the ideal route for any traffic situation
  • Development of the market for driverless vehicles

You can request from us a demo access to the object video analytics system for transport and see the main detectors and classifiers on the operating demo cameras or connect several of your cameras to analyze the system operation.

The main types of detectors and classifiers that we offer for transport:

  • Vehicle detector, counter
  • Classification of vehicles by type
  • Classification of vehicles by make and model
  • Counting passenger traffic in transport, counters
  • License plate detector
  • License plate recognition
  • Smoking detector for drivers and passengers -

A few examples:

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