The use of neural networks to control compliance with traffic rules

The main functionality of an Edge hardware and software complex is the detection and recognition of vehicle license plates, as well as fixing traffic violations.

System Edge

Demonstration of the process of detecting vehicle license plates, their recognition and trajectory analysis in the stream:

Implemented detectors for traffic control

  • detector and license plate recognition;
  • red passage detector, prohibiting traffic light;
  • stop line crossing detector;
  • motion direction detector;
  • parking violation detector

The hardware and software complex includes a microcomputer Outdoor Box Micro, IP66 with a metrological certificate (time, location) and the corresponding software. All calculations and recording of events are performed "at the edge", that is, in the immediate vicinity of the data source, next to the camera. Complex exterior:

Characteristics of Outdoor Box Micro

  • Microcomputer Up Core UP-CHT01-A10-0232 (based on CPU Intel Atom x5)
  • USB Flash, 64Gb
  • eMMC, 16Gb
  • Wide range power supply, 12-36 В
  • Body (own production)
  • Power usage: 10 Вт
  • Working environment: - 40°С - +50°С
  • Dust / moisture proof: IP66
  • Mounting: DIN rail

Configurations of Outdoor Box Micro

  • Intel Atom x5-Z8350 2Gb RAM. This configuration is used to control 1 lane at a speed of 40 km / h to 250 km / h. At speeds up to 40 km / h - 2 lanes. Designed to control narrow sections of roads, courtyard areas and up to 4 entry / exit posts, provided 1 camera per 1 post. The function of the detector is to determine the vehicle license plate, region and speed.
  • Intel Atom x5-Z8350 4Gb RAM. This configuration is used to control 2 lanes at a speed of 40 km / h to 250 km / h. At speeds up to 40 km / h - 4 lanes. Designed to control highways and multi-lane intersections in urban environments. The functions of the detectors include: determining the speed of movement, as well as 15 types of traffic violations, for example: “Passing a red traffic light”, “Lane change over a solid line”, “Exceeding the speed by 20 km / h”, “Exceeding the speed by 40 km / h ”, etc.
  • Intel Atom x5-Z8350 4Gb RAM + Intel Movidius. 

There are various configurations of the Outdoor Box line of devices for execution of neural networks at the edge. Read more...

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