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Limited liability company "EVEREST"
legal address: 20-A Bolshaya Pushkarskaya, office. 5-307, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 197198
PSRN: 1167847234510
TIN/IEC: 7802580408/780201001
General director: Dmitriy Rytvinskiy
Phone: +7 (812) 748-27-27
E-mail: info@combox.io

About company

ComBox Technology (EVEREST, LLC) - developer and designer of mobile computing centers on CPU, GPU, VPU and FPGA for solving high-tech tasks, training and executing neural networks and artificial intelligence at the application level.

The company has its own unique stack of technologies that are successfully used in the implementation of large-scale projects.

The team is based on experienced specialists in the field of design and implementation of electronic computing equipment, who have the necessary technical skills to implement projects of any scale.

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