Container equipment

ComBox Technology is a manufacturer of mobile container solutions for mining and high-tech computing based on GPU with air and immersion (liquid) cooling.

  • ComBox A-480 - container with 480 GPU and air cooling system
  • ComBox IC-960 - container with 960 GPU and two-phase immersion (liquid) cooling system

ComBox A-480

The mobile unit consists of 40 modules of 12 AMD RX570 GPUs, installed on a SMART A-6 backplane, with an integrated control system and placed in a 20-foot container.

SMART boards send all data to the server to check the working conditions. The system monitors 60 parameters from each SMART A-6 board, it can shutdown or reboot. All devices are booted from the server without hard drives.


  • 40 modules with 12 AMD RX570 GPUs each
  • Power management for each of 40 modules
  • Active high-performance ventilation system with filtration
  • Gas fire extinguishing system

ComBox IC-960

The container contains 960 AMD RX470 video cards with the ability to increase the number of cards up to 1920.

To achieve maximum video card installation density, two-phase immersion cooling is used.

The latest ComBox IC system uses immersion two-phase cooling. The 20-foot container has 960 GPUs, expandable up to 1920 pcs. The system has no fans on the cards, no contact with the external environment, extended electronics life .


  • 960 GPU AMD RX470 in 20ft container
  • immersion cooling system
  • No moving parts
  • Gas fire extinguishing system
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